Zak Shellhammer, REALTOR®

Looking to Buy, Sell, or Rent? Residential, Commercial, or Lease!

Zak likes to think outside of the box and connect you with as many resources as possible to find your perfect home or investment. For over 18 years Zak Shellhammer has helped people through the process of buying, selling, or leasing. He is a skilled negotiator and very knowledgeable when it comes to our Southern NV real estate market. Zak prides himself on being the source of the source, meaning that if he can’t help you, he knows another professional who will.

Zak is the team lead of the Zak Shellhammer Group, an amazing team at Vegas Born Real Estate Services. Together, they aim to be each client’s real estate and community source of the source. Use the contact page start to reach out to Zak and start your search today!


205 E. Warm Springs Rd #103, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Zak Shellhammer License #BS.145576