Consultants improve situations;
coaches improve people.

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Shellhammer Consulting
Shellhammer Consulting

When it comes to mentoring, training, and coaching, do you want someone who has only learned in a classroom or has actually lived the experiences? Zak has learned his trade by being involved in each facet of business management. Whether the topic be specific to the real estate industry or not, his passion is passing that knowledge along to you.

Zak Shellhammer is a licensed Broker, Coach, and Business Consultant. He has 15+ years of experience in real estate sales, training, property management, and business development throughout the Las Vegas & Southern NV areas.

Consulting, training, mentoring, and coaching is available. Below is a just a little about what he can do for you!

  • PERSONALIZED BUSINESS CONSULTING SERVICES: Zak knows that the key to building a successful business is to discover and embrace your true purpose and passion.
  • MEDIA AND MARKETING SUPPORT SERVICES: Embrace the latest technology and learn how to use digital tools to streamline and grow your business. Master AI while remaining authentic and learn how to have fun with social media.
  • REAL ESTATE BUSINESS TRAINING & COACHING: Zak started out and accidentally landed in the world of business entrepreneurship. He hated it until he learned how to hone his talent, channel into his passion, and create the business he never dreamed could happen. Now he helps others do the same.
  • STAGE, SCREEN AND WORKSHOPS: Zak is available for keynotes and business retreats. Topics include business planning, remaining true to yourself within a business structure, exercising our neuroplasticity, and how to repair a dysfunctional team.