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Zak Speaks on Building and Balancing a Team – featured on Inman.com!

n the evolution of real estate, the image of the solo agent has given way to the rise of collaborative teams. Over the past decade, teams have emerged as pivotal players in our industry, reshaping traditional business models and challenging conventional perceptions. 

Zak shares why NOW is the time for Minority & LGBTQ+ buyers to invest in Real Estate

The journey toward homeownership for any minority individual can be both challenging and terrifying, particularly when faced with concerns about state politics and discrimination. A recent Redfin survey indicated this is especially true right now for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Zak Talks Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – featured on Inman.com !

It was September in Houston, Texas. While the locals might consider it a mild day, for most of us, it’s outrageously hot and humid. The mugginess is…

Zak Talks Affordable Housing- featured on Inman.com !

Amidst a nationwide inventory shortage, escalating interest rates causing buyers to hesitate, and real estate agents intensifying their prospecting endeavors, a longstanding and persistent housing crisis has…

Zak Shellhammer Continues Inman Ambassadorship for 2023

Zak Shellhammer, Broker Coach at Sundvick Realty in Las Vegas, NV, was previously selected as one of Inman’s 2023 Ambassadors and continues that ambassadorship through…

Zak Shellhammer Announced for Inman Brand Ambassador Class of 2023

Sundvick Realty’s own Broker Coach, Zak Shellhammer, has been selected from Las Vegas, NV to be one of Inman’s 2023 Ambassadors! Each year, Inman selects…