Zak Speaks on Building and Balancing a Team – featured on!

Zak Speaks on Building and Balancing a Team – featured on!

In the evolution of real estate, the image of the solo agent has given way to the rise of collaborative teams. Over the past decade, teams have emerged as pivotal players in our industry, reshaping traditional business models and challenging conventional perceptions. 

I recall the initial skepticism surrounding team formation just a decade ago. The median year of team establishment, 2014, marked a pivotal moment when agents grappled with the merits of why anyone would want to form a team or be on one.

The transition wasn’t merely a shift in operational dynamics; it required a recalibration of industry practices and public perception. I remember when our local MLS finally introduced a team feature, and the prestigious top producer awards expanded to include team categories.

Today, teams have become the cornerstone of success for many agents. By dividing tasks and responsibilities, teams alleviate burdens and enhance efficiency.


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